1. Class Rooms:
Cozy classrooms are furnished with white boards, comfortable seating arrangements and audio-visual teaching and presentation aids like: multi-media projectors. 

2. Library:
Little Buddha College of sciences Library has a growing collection of the latest and relevant books, journals, magazines, Information Technology, Management, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics and English etc. The study in the library is supported by computer facilities.

3. Sports and Recreational Activities:
Little Buddha College of Sciences has a playground for sports activities- basketball ( Standard Full Court), badminton, table tennis etc. Sports are as much part of Prime College as the routine academic exercises.

4. Extra Curricular Activities:
With the purpose of overall development as a professional, students are encouraged to take active part in public speaking, group discussions, quizzes, exhibitions and management seminars and festivals. The college also organizes industrial tours for the students that include manufacturing, commercial/service establishments to give them hands-on experience.

5. Hygienic-Cafeteria:
The preparation of the food is hygienic and prices are reasonable.

6. Laboratories
Spacious and well-equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science.