Diploma in Pharmacy ( D. Pharm)

Diploma in Pharmacy CTEVT

Medicines play an important role in keeping us healthy. Each Year, our society faces new challenges to our healthcare system. Our population is aging. Heart disease and cancer are major causes of death and diseases such as swine flu, bird flu and HIV/AIDS present constant threats. The demand for professionals with solid skills and knowledge in the areas related to the discovery, preparation and properties of medicines is high

If you want to be part of this exciting field, then the Diploma in Pharmacy Science is the course for you.

Unique and Versatile
Degree with diploma in Pharmacy provides a broad-based training which opens doors to careers in hospitals, retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries and research and development.

The course covers a wide range of biological and pharmaceutical science, from anatomy and physiology, pathology and pharmacology to drug manufacturing, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, drug discovery and clinical trials.

Career Prospects
More then 40 pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies have already set up manufacturing facilities in Nepal. Over the next few years, we will see more new biopharmaceutical plants coming on-stream. The completion of new hospital and healthcare facilities over the next few years will lead to a high demand for healthcare workers.

With your extensive training in pharmaceutics, clinical trials, pharmacology, analysis, good manufacturing practices, pharmaceutical microbiology, drug discovery and pharmacology, you will be highly sought-after in positions such as pharmacy technicians in the healthcare industry, quality control or assurance officers or process technologists in pharmaceutical, and laboratory technologists in R& D laboratories. You will also be qualified to venture into the area of sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals, be an entrepreneur in health care products and services, or a regulatory executive dealing with legislation of pharmaceutical substances and other health products such as cosmetic products.